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We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

  • General Job Application Submission

    This is for Applicants that wish to apply to join the organization for a variety of company positions that are not currently listed as open. This will allow our HR Department to keep your application on file as positions open up within the Company.

  • Freelancer, Production Studios

    Administration/Production Services:
    The Admin freelancer under the instruction of the Studio Manager, performs miscellaneous admin support tasks for coordination and logistics as required.

    Production Assistant/Production Crew:
    The PA/PC freelancer assists in general studio operations, helping to set up the production office/set/location with the necessary supplies. Will also run errands between the production office and other departments in support of the crew during filming, either on set or behind the scenes as needed.

    The Editor freelancer is skilled in knowing what makes an interesting story by laying out all the moving parts of footage by planning, coordinating, and reviewing the content to edit. In collaboration with the producer, the editor executes which soundbytes and footage to use and what to cut in order to meet quality,accuracy and timing standards. The goal is to provide exceptional, informative and engaging content.

    The Producer/Director freelancer supports producers and directors with program material for the segment that is thoroughly researched, investigated and detailed to ensure accuracy and integrity.

    Closed Captionist:
    The Closed Captionist freelancer is above average with typing speed and minimal spelling errors. The audio track is transcribed, subtitles are added to program segments or video recordings verbatim without the need of further editing. Accuracy and attention to detail is required with the utmost of importance.

    The Host freelancer has a likeable, on-air persona that introduces/presents segments, participants, and engages the audience. A Host also presents research and material, often under tight deadlines. Some Hosts may also perform off-air reporting, field production standup, editing footage and providing voice over work.

    Food Stylist/Chef:
    The Food Stylist freelancer is skilled in the art of arranging food so that it looks tasty and fresh on camera. The Chef freelancer is a master chef with a diverse knowledge of food preparation. Ingredients are shopped for, prepared, and cooked per the provided recipe.

    The Writer freelancer develops written material into scripts based on their research of the subject by establishing a storyline through words. This material conveys a story of information to viewer that captivates them.

  • Producer/Writer

    • Adobe Premier
    • Work closely with Project Managers to drive the creative ideation based on clients branding profile.
    • Assist/lead selected projects through all phases of production including creative development, pre-production, production/shooting, post-production, finishing/delivery.
    • Serve as the in-house branded content expert, supporting how BrandStar thinks about, conceives, produces and assesses content and to help participants deliver it to consumers and influencers across all channels.
    • Cast and manage show talent as needed.
    • Responsible for building and understanding budgets with the production management team.
    • Generate new ideas in broadcast formats of brand and content integration.
    • Dedicated to providing innovative experiences to our clients.
    • Work with project manager, and scheduling manager to assure consistent and timely delivery of programming and digital content as required by the programming schedule.
    • Suggest ways to improve, modify or evolve all components of the show, show production, social penetration, host development and audience experience.
    • Effectively communicate ongoing project status to production team and project managers.

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